Congratulations! Our 2.5D filter for sensitive and non-invasive cancer detection Won the Special Gold Medal at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva

The 46th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva was held from 11-15, April, 2018. There exhibited more than 1000 inventions from >700 exhibitors from >40 countries and areas. The invention “A Flexible 2.5D Filter for Sensitive and Non-invasive Cancer Detection” from our group (presented by Yaoping) was awarded the special Gold Medal (i.e. with the congratulations of the jury when all judges (85) unanimously agree to award the gold medal). The presented invention belongs to the medicine classification and 7 out of 113 were awarded the special gold medal, which is required to be of novelty and promises in clinical applications.

Related clinical trials are ongoing and will find powerful applications in cancer detection.

Yaoping was presenting the invention to the juryPhoto of Yaoping and the president of the exhibition

As one of the long-standing and large-scale invention exhibitions, the International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva was first established since 1972, and organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Swiss federal government. It is aimed to elect the inventions of novelty and application capability and push them to the market. By 2018, 46 exhibitions have been held. There involve topics of environment, energy, traffic, safety, medicine, food, etc., among more than 1000 inventions exhibited this year.