The nanofluidics subgroup works mainly on researching the sensing property of nanofluidic crystal and single nanoparticle and achieving highly sensitive bio/chemical molecules detection on chip.

Members: Yuanjian Wu, Yuqi Wang, Yechang Guo, Min Yang, Baojun Wang (graduated), Jie Wang (graduated).

1. Nanofluidic crystal chips for ionic sensing.

Nanofluidic crystal chips for ionic sensing(a)-(e) Nanofluidic crystal chips’ size and SEM images, (f) Chip’s structure, (g) Chip’s stability, (h) Chip’s  application on ionic detection.

2. Achieved highly sensitive detection of bio/chemical molecules on chip by using funnel nanochannel with nanoparticle trapped at the tip.

Packing single nanoparticle at the tip of funnel nanochannel(a) Schematic view of the chip, (b) Fabrication process, (c)~(d) Typical SEM image, (f) Confocal image of funnel nanochannel with trapped nanoparticle, (g) I-V curves of the funnel nanochannel with and without nanoparticle, (h) Typical I-V curves with different kinds of nanoparticles loaded into funnel nanochannels, (i) Nanoparticle loading