Wish them promising futures! The farewell party finished successfully

Lingqian Zhang, Xiaolong Rao, Yudan Pi, Xiaofan Zhao, Yuanjian Wu, Haida Li, Yechang Guo and Han Xu graduated from Wangwei Group. We held the farewell party on July 8, 2018.

Group photo of the graduation partyGraduates and prof. Wei Wang at the party. From left to right: Yechang Guo, Yuanjian Wu, Yudan Pi (front), Haida Li, prof. Wei Wang, Lingqian Zhang, Xiaolong Rao, Han Xu.From left to right: Han Xu, Haida Li, Lingqian Zhang, prof. Wei Wang, Yudan Pi, Yuanjian Wu, Yechang GuoGroup photo of our members

To the graduates:

there is life after graduation.

And put forth your best effort in everything you do.

Each graduate is unique.

And we will never say goodbye.